Do Culottes Make You Look Fat?

The advice of the Day: Do culottes make me look fat? One of the most important things when looking at clothing is proportion. If you are worried about a garment, try and get a sense of if it would look better on someone else. It might seem obvious, but sometimes it can be difficult to tell how clothes will actually fit on your body. The other option is to take a picture from the front and side and text them to a friend for their opinion.

Do Culottes Make You Look Fat? 2023

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Culottes are a great example of how proportion is important. Culottes are trousers that have a similar style to a skirt. In general, they should be worn with tops that are longer than the length of the culotte (i.e. it does not show under the top) and heels, as this will elongate your body and make you look thinner.

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